The Building Code comprises a set of minimum provisions relative to safety of buildings with reference to public health, fire protection and structural sufficiency. At TAIREC Fire Consulting, we assist clients in ensuring that the design and construction of building projects are in compliance with applicable codes. Our team is experienced in applying the prescriptive requirement of the Alberta and National Building Code and other Provincial Building Codes within the country. Below are some of the building Code services that TAIREC can provide.
  • Building and Fire Code compliance report
  • Plans review
  • Fire and life safety design reviews
  • Variances and Alternative Solutions
  • Smoke and Fire Modelling
  • Building Assessment and Code compliance audit
  • Fire Resistance Assessment
  • Integrated System Testing
  • Evaluation of Fire Protection Systems
  • Third Party Review
  • Fire Flow Assessment
  • Fire Water Evaluation


The Fire Code applies to all new and existing buildings and facilities, and to building construction, renovation or demolition sites. TAIREC can provide audits for different types of occupancies. Below are some of the Fire Code services that TAIREC can provide.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Storage
  • Review of Hazardous Processes
  • Fire Safety Plans
  • Facility Assessment
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids Assessment
  • Variances and Alternative Solutions
  • Hazardous Material Review (HazMat)
  • Partial Occupancy Plan Review