For life safety and fire protection systems installed in accordance with the Building Code or the Fire Code, integrated systems testing is essential. This testing encompasses the entire system to ensure proper operation and inter-relationships between the various components. The integrated system testing methodology offers a systematic approach to verify and document that all interconnections among systems designed for fire protection and life safety functions are installed and functioning as per their design criteria.

In addition to integrated systems testing, TAIREC Fire Consulting offers a range of other testing services, including:

Integrated System Testing:

Integrated system testing involves the assessment of various interconnected systems, including fire alarm systems, sprinklers, standpipes, smoke control, ventilation, pressurization, door hold-open devices, elevator recalls, smoke and fire shutters, dampers, emergency power, emergency lighting, material handling equipment, and more.”

Third-Party Review:

TAIREC Fire Consulting offers valuable third-party reviews of fire and life safety systems, including the commissioning process, on behalf of our clients.”

Audibility and Intelligibility Testing:

The Building Code establishes minimum thresholds for audibility and intelligibility levels of voice communication systems, which must be verified to meet the Code’s requirements. TAIREC Fire Consulting provides assistance with this testing, whether it’s mandated by the Authority Having Jurisdiction or requested for client documentation.