The desire of an owner or architect to incorporate unique design elements can sometimes lead to situations where the design conflicts with prescriptive code requirements. These unique design challenges can be effectively addressed through a performance-based approach, offering designers, architects, and owners flexibility in various aspects such as building configuration, construction materials, and operations.

Fire and smoke modeling serves as a crucial tool within the performance-based design approach, enabling the assessment of fire’s effects on a facility and its occupants. It also helps demonstrate to the authority having jurisdiction that the proposed design aligns with the intent of the Code, ensuring safety. Fire modeling can be employed as part of a formal performance-based design or as an assessment tool to evaluate the level of safety equivalent to prescriptive requirements.

At TAIREC Fire Consulting Ltd., we possess extensive experience in utilizing computational fluid dynamic tools for modeling fire-driven flows. We offer these services when required. Additionally, we provide support in areas such as exit and timed egress analysis to further assist our clients.