At TAIREC Fire Consulting Ltd., we specialize in delivering prompt, innovative, and cost-efficient fire engineering, building, and fire code consulting services tailored to a wide range of sectors, including commercial, industrial, residential, assembly, and educational facilities.


Accessibility Consulting

With few exceptions, Barrier-Free requirements apply to all buildings, leading to an increased demand across Canada.

Alternative Solutions

Code compliance can also be achieved through alternative solutions that align with the fire and life safety objectives outlined in the Code.

Building and Fire Code Review

Both the Building Code and Fire Code encompass essential requirements related to life safety and property protection.

Integrated System Testing

Integrated system testing involves the assessment of various interconnected systems, including fire alarm systems, sprinklers, standpipes, smoke control, ventilation, pressurization, door hold-open devices…..

SFRM Testing & Firestop Engineering Judgment

Sprayed Fire Resistive Material (SFRM), often referred to as sprayed applied fire-proofing material, is a passive fire-resistive substance applied to structural members…..

Fire Modeling and Performance Based Design

Computer fire modeling enables us to scientifically predict and understand the behavior of fires.

Fire Protection System Design

Tairec engineers are experienced and have been involved in the design of fire protection systems for various types of occupancies.

Fire Hazard Assessment

Fire Hazard Analysis involves the identification of credible fire scenarios and the impacts of the fires to a facility, personnel and the environment.

Fire Risk Analysis

Fire Risk Assessment is a systematic and detailed examination of a facility and its use to identify potential fire hazards and the people who may be affected.

TAIREC provides assistance throughout all stages of the project life cycle.

TAIREC Fire Consulting offers comprehensive assistance at every stage of a building’s life cycle, including design, renovation, and ongoing maintenance. Simply let us know your needs, and we’ll be delighted to assist.